Friday, February 17, 2012

February Updates

2012 has been a great year for us so far! We have been relatively healthy (except for this viral pink eye I got and have had for 6 days now!!) and I even got to get off another medication! I am now just taking ONE medication! Praise the Lord! My doctor said I won't ever get off this med. It will be a life long med, which is unfortunate. However, it prevents flare ups so long term, it's the best option.

I've had a little joint pain in my left ring finger for a few days now. It kind of started when my pink eye started so I'm not sure if it's part of the "Virus" attacking my body or what. Hopefully it goes away soon or I'll have to try an injection in the joint. Hoping that it's nothing though. All my labs in February still look awesome and I am still amazing all of my doctors.

I also plan to run the MSP Half Marathon again in June! Super excited and ready to challenge my mind and body again. If you remember, I ran this same race in 2010 and injured myself so I took 2011 off. Though I still have IT Band issues, I'm hoping with additional stretching and strengthening, I will be able to complete the race relatively pain free. My sister is also training for this race and plans to run it with me. Looking forward to it!

Also, we are getting ready for our family vacation to California in April! The kids are super excited. We plan to do Disney Land, Sea World or San Diego Zoo, The beach, and visit Ross's sister in the dessert for a few days. It's going to be a fun but busy week!

Finally, if you haven't been following our adoption blog I urge you to start. Though we haven't really had too many updates there have been things that have happened throughout these last 5 months. The adoption journey has been an interesting one and we can't wait to see our story unfold!

Many Blessings,

Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011: Our year in review

2011 was another amazing year! We hope 2012 is filled with more adventures and blessings for our family!

January: Ross & I went to Puerta Vallarta. It was an amazing vacation and I cannot wait to go back there someday! This month we also decided to move forward with adoption plans and began filling out applications! (Wow that was a year ago already!?)

February: Nolan turns 3! We had a candy themed party complete with a candy bar of course:) Our first niece was also born! We have 5 nephews so it was a surprise to finally have a girl in the family!

March: We took a family trip to Mall of America complete with rides and underwater world. Nolan still asks to go back there someday:)

April: I got the privledge to be my nieces God mother! First time ever being a God Mother! She got baptised in April

May: We announce our plans to family and close friends that we are adopting! My 5th nephew is born this month also!

June: Ross turns 30! I throw him a surprise party and he is completely surprised!

July: Anne turns 28! We attend one of Ross's friends weddings on this day and had a great time celebrating love and age all together:)

August: Ross's biological sister comes to our cabin for the weekend and we get to spend all weekend with her and her daughters. It was like we have all known each other forever!

September: We are finally officially approved into our adoption program and announce our plans to EVERYONE! Nolan starts his first year of preschool this month and my 5th nephew is baptised! Busy busy month!

October: We hosted a fall party at our cabin complete with pumpkin carving, apple cider, fall pictures, and a boat ride. It was something we decided we will do annually! This month we also made pumpkin cookies and carved pumpkins with the kids at home. LOVE fall!

November: We hosted our 3rd Thanksgiving! We get better at it every year and this year we noticed that we were completely ready by 8am of Thanksgiving and sat around waiting for everyone to come at noon! That never happens!!

December: We celebrated Christmas in Wisconsin. We spent a few extra days there this year and it was so nice to be able to see more friends and spend more quality time with family. We went through the Christmas village at the park and stopped at my childhood favorite ice cream spot! We celebrated New Years Eve in the cities at a hotel with some of our nephews and in laws.

We had a busy 2011 and another healthy year to celebrate for me! I cannot believe it's been almost 3 years that I have been in remission now. So thankful for my health! Here's to another amazing and healthy year!!!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Today is a good day!

Today my friends, I took the last of my kidney pills! My $50.00/month pill! Hopefully forever. I've been slowing weaning the medication for a few months and after my appointment today showed great lab results, the doctor was ready for me to stop the medication! I'm super excited but also super nervous! If you remember correctly, it was this drug that ended up getting me into remission after chemo didn't work any longer. I've been on the medication for almost 3 years and as happy as I am to stop taking it, I am also super super scared! I will get labs taken in 2 weeks to test for any signs of protein in my urine. If nothing shows up, I'll be good for another 2 months until I have to test again. If some protein shows up, I'll have to do a 24 hour urinalysis again. And if a lot of protein shows up, I'll unfortunately have to get another kidney biopsy. This is worst case scenario and they do not anticipate this happening which is wonderful!!!

So...please pray that my body can handle itself without the medication and if all goes well, I could possibly start another drug wean in a few months!!!!!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

A lesson on listening to your body...

We've all heard it before. Listen to your body. You know your body best. Blah, blah, blah. However, the story I'm about to tell is a classic example of listening to your body the most.

I started getting a cold about 3.5,almost 4 weeks ago. It started with a cough and headache and turned into more coughing. I figured it was just a cold and kept presuming my day to day activities. I did stop working out as it was becoming difficult to do a workout without coughing up my insides!I knew I should really get to the doctor, after all, even though a cold is usually not a big deal to most people, a cold for me can be life threatening and sometimes put me in the hospital. Well, after about 3 weeks, the cough started to get better and I knew I was on the right track. Why go to the doctor now when I am starting to feel better, right?

Well, then a few days later, Thursday of this week, I woke up with a terrible what felt like a full blown sinus infection. My face and head hurt so bad. I went to work and throughout the day it was just getting worse. It got to the point where I couldn't concentrate anymore so at 3:30, I left to go to the clinic. As I was driving from work to Nolan's daycare I noticed I was getting really weak and almost noticed it was harder to breathe. I chalked it up to all the coughing I've been doing over the last 3 weeks and now I'm clogged up in the nose. By the time I got to Nolan's daycare, I knew something was more seriously wrong. I decided maybe it wasn't safe to drive to the clinic and instead I should go home and wait for Ross to get home. So I called him, but he didn't answer. I was in so much pain at this point I decided I was just going to drive myself to the clinic, it was only 15 min. away after all.

The 15 min. drive easily turned into 30 with the road construction and detours that I should have known about and I found myself getting very anxious about just getting there. When Nolan would ask questions, I would tell him that I couldn't talk. As I noticed it was getting harder and harder to talk, almost as if my throat was swelling up? We made it to the clinic and I was starting to check in when all of a sudden I couldn't stand anymore. Everything was fuzzy and that was it. I told the receptionist that I was going to faint and fell to the ground. Details were pretty fuzzy but I just know everything was fuzzy and I was gasping for air. I looked around and my little boy was laying right on the floor next to me with a very confused and scared look on his face. I didn't even have enough air to talk so I just grabbed him and held him. They put me in a wheel chair and wheeled me to the ER. (Luckily the hospital was joined with the clinic!!!!)

When I got to ER, I was given a breathing treatment and what I believe was a medicine to relax me as I was freaking out pretty much. Not being able to breathe very well or talk is extremely scary, especially with my 3 year old next to me not knowing what was going on. Tears were welded up in his eyes as he saw me struggling for air and crying, but trying not to cry because it was too hard. Luckily, after the breathing treatment and the relaxer I was finally able to have enough air to talk relatively normal, hold my son, and text my husband to come to the ER. I was then given a chest x-ray, bunch of blood work, and an EKG.

My biggest fear was something wrong with my lungs or heart and thank God they found nothing except a sinus infection and bronchitis. I had pretty high counts of white blood cells which shows an infection and that my body was working very hard. The doctor assumes that because my body has been working so hard for almost 4 weeks trying to get me healthy, it was becoming extremely week. By the time I got to the clinic, it just gave out and when I realized I gave out, started to hyperventilate. I'm hopeful that is what happened as I never want to experience something like it again. However, I was sent home with an emergency breathing kit just in case it does.

So....I should have really just gone to the doctor a few weeks ago as I probably had bronchitis from the start. The doctor said that if a cold lasts more than a week, it's not a cold anymore. So that's a good thing to remember! After friday and today of literally sleeping all day, I'm starting to feel a little better and hope to be back 100% or close to on Monday for Halloween. I don't want to miss my little hero dressed up as a dinosaur:)

Nolan and I did have some good talks today about what happened to mom and that it shouldn't ever happen again. Today when I was trying to take a nap he asked me if I was still breathing:) He was so strong and so brave throughout it, I'm so proud of him!

Praying we both can heal from this experience and never experience anything like it again!!!


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Our BIG news!!!

I know I have hinted at earlier posts that we have been news and big things are happening for our family.

Well here it is!!! read it right. We are adopting!!! God has placed adoption heavy into our hearts and we are so excited to see the story unfold for us. We started the process in January so it feels so good to have it approved now almost 9 months later. If you want to read more about our journey, I started blogging about it.

Continued prayers for our family, my health, and the birth mothers out there making this selfless decision are greatly appreciated!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


I just re-read my last few posts and noticed I never updated on a few things.

#1 being Ross's surprise 30th birthday! First of all, it was perfect. Everything about it. He was surprised, we had a huge turn out, and it was a beautiful day! He came home around 6 to a house full of friends and family and wonderful food surrounding him. He was completely smitten and enjoying every second of it. Then, two hours into his party we brought him outside and surprised him with his second surprise....a big party bus! He was completely in awe and had one of the best nights of his life he told me:) I can't wait to plan his 40th! :)

#2 the Lupus Foundation of MN blog.......well it should be up and running by now, however the staff person that was in charge of launching the new website and blog ended up leaving the company so this project is "on hold" as the other staff have their plates full and they haven't replaced her. This ended up being a blessing in disguise as I haven't had any time to do any blog posts on my own blogs this summer so I can't imagine doing them for theirs too! I'm assuming within the next few months the blog will be up and running.

#3. The 2011 lupus walk is scheduled for Saturday, September 10th in Plymouth at French Regional Park again. Unfortunately, I will not be attending as this is a super busy day for us! I have my 10 year class reunion in WI that night (still not sure I'll make it...) and also have my nephews baptism that night! For some reason, everything seemed to fall on that date! However, I hope to be back full force next year and get some funds donated. If you want to walk , feel free to go to the Lupus Foundation of MN's website and click to register for the walk or run or donate money. Every little bit does help! :)

Those are my updates for now!

Fall already?!

Wow, can't believe it's coming to the end of the summer already. I remember being a kid and thinking summer break was "forever!" Now, I feel like I blink and it's over with!

My health has been awesome this summer. Never got sick (a mini cold for 2 days ) but that's it! In fact, I'm doing so great that a few weeks ago my nephrologist and rheumatologist together decided I was ready to taper off one of my medications! I'm super excited about this for a few different reasons. One being this is the most expensive drug I take. It is $50.00 a month and I take 4 HUGE horse pills/day. Second, being I am all about "all natural" and would prefer to treat myself naturally so the less medications I have to take ...the better! and's just a really good sign that I am healthy and hope to be healthy for a long time! The wean off this medication is a long one...6 months but so far I've been on a lower dose for going on 3 weeks and haven't noticed any signs. I'll go back in another 4 weeks to check labs to make sure everything is still stable. If it is, they will reduce the prescription again and then wait another 2 months and then repeat...
Pending everything going perfect, I should be off this medication by February....!!! Which is a pretty special month for me because it was this month that my son was born and this month that I went into remission. I'd be more than happy to celebrate February again with getting off a medication! I would then go from taking 7 pills a day down to 3!!! How amazing is that?!

Other than new news to report. Ready for fall and have things quiet down a bit!

Here is an updated pic of me and my little guy. Can't believe that he will be 4 this winter. Seems like yesterday he was born. And in one short week..I'll be sending him off to his first day of preschool! *tear*